module Multiruby

multiruby_setup is a script to help you manage multiruby.

usage: multiruby_setup [-h|cmd|spec…]


  -h, --help, help = show this help.
  build            = build and install everything. used internally.
  clean            = clean scm build dirs and remove non-scm build dirs.
  list             = print installed versions.
  rm:$version      = remove a particular version.
  rubygems:merge   = symlink all rubygem dirs to one dir.
  tags             = list all tags from svn.
  update           = update svn builds.
  update:rubygems  = update rubygems and nuke install dirs.


  the_usual              = alias for latest versions from tar + rubygems
  mri:svn:current        = alias for mri:svn:releases and mri:svn:branches.
  mri:svn:releases       = alias for supported releases of mri ruby.
  mri:svn:branches       = alias for active branches of mri ruby.
  mri:svn:branch:$branch = install a specific $branch of mri from svn.
  mri:svn:tag:$tag       = install a specific $tag of mri from svn.
  mri:tar:$version       = install a specific $version of mri from tarball.

environment variables:

  GEM_URL  = url for rubygems tarballs
  MRI_SVN  = url for MRI SVN
  RUBY_URL = url for MRI tarballs
  VERSIONS = what versions to install

  RUBYOPT is cleared on installs.