class Minitest::AbstractReporter

Defines the API for Reporters. Subclass this and override whatever you want. Go nuts.

Public Instance Methods

passed?() click to toggle source

Did this run pass?

# File lib/minitest.rb, line 612
def passed?
prerecord(klass, name) click to toggle source

About to start running a test. This allows a reporter to show that it is starting or that we are in the middle of a test run.

# File lib/minitest.rb, line 591
def prerecord klass, name
record(result) click to toggle source

Output and record the result of the test. Call result#result_code to get the result character string. Stores the result of the run if the run did not pass.

# File lib/minitest.rb, line 600
def record result
report() click to toggle source

Outputs the summary of the run.

# File lib/minitest.rb, line 606
def report
start() click to toggle source

Starts reporting on the run.

# File lib/minitest.rb, line 584
def start