module Hoe::Inline

Hoe allows bundling of pre-compiled extensions in the package task.

To create a package for your current platform:

rake package INLINE=1

This will force Hoe analize your Inline already compiled extensions and include them in your gem.

If somehow you need to force a specific platform:

rake package INLINE=1 FORCE_PLATFORM=mswin32

This will set the Gem::Specification platform to the one indicated in FORCE_PLATFORM (instead of default Gem::Platform::CURRENT)

Public Instance Methods

activate_inline_deps() click to toggle source

Activate the inline dependencies.

# File lib/hoe/inline.rb, line 28
def activate_inline_deps
  dependency "RubyInline", "~> 3.9"
define_inline_tasks() click to toggle source

Define tasks for plugin.

# File lib/hoe/inline.rb, line 35
def define_inline_tasks
  task :test => :clean

  return unless ENV["INLINE"]

  s.platform = ENV["FORCE_PLATFORM"] || Gem::Platform::CURRENT

  return unless defined? Inline

  # Try collecting Inline extensions for +name+
  directory "lib/inline"

  dlext = RbConfig::CONFIG["DLEXT"]

  Inline.registered_inline_classes.each do |cls|
    name =, "")
    # name of the extension is CamelCase
    alternate_name = if name =~ /[A-Z]/ then
                       name.gsub(/([A-Z])/, '_\1').downcase.sub(/^_/, "")
                     elsif name =~ /_/ then
                       name.capitalize.gsub(/_([a-z])/) { $1.upcase }
    extensions = Dir.chdir( {

    extensions.each do |ext|
      # add the inlined extension to the spec files
      s.files += ["lib/inline/#{ext}"]

      # include the file in the tasks
      file "lib/inline/#{ext}" => ["lib/inline"] do
        cp File.join(, ext), "lib/inline"