class Mechanize::Page::MetaRefresh

This class encapsulates a meta element with a refresh http-equiv. Mechanize treats meta refresh elements just like 'a' tags. MetaRefresh objects will contain links, but most likely will have no text.



Matches the content attribute of a meta refresh element. After the match:

$1:: delay
$3:: url

Regexp of unsafe URI characters that excludes % for Issue #177



Time to wait before next refresh

Public Class Methods

from_node(node, page, uri = nil) click to toggle source
# File lib/mechanize/page/meta_refresh.rb, line 55
def self.from_node node, page, uri = nil
  http_equiv = node['http-equiv'] and
    /\ARefresh\z/i =~ http_equiv or return

  delay, uri, link_self = parse node['content'], uri

  return unless delay

  new node, page, delay, uri, link_self
new(node, page, delay, href, link_self = false) click to toggle source
Calls superclass method
# File lib/mechanize/page/meta_refresh.rb, line 66
def initialize node, page, delay, href, link_self = false
  super node, page.mech, page

  @delay     = delay.include?(?.) ? delay.to_f : delay.to_i
  @href      = href
  @link_self = link_self
parse(content, base_uri = nil) click to toggle source

Parses the delay and url from the content attribute of a meta refresh element.

Returns an array of [delay, url, #link_self], where the first two are strings containing the respective parts of the refresh value, and #link_self is a boolean value that indicates whether the url part is missing or empty. If base_uri, the URI of the current page is given, the value of url becomes an absolute URI.

# File lib/mechanize/page/meta_refresh.rb, line 42
def self.parse content, base_uri = nil
  m = CONTENT_REGEXP.match(content) or return

  delay, url = m[1], m[3]
  url &&= url.empty? ? nil : Mechanize::Util.uri_escape(url, UNSAFE)
  link_self = url.nil?
  if base_uri
    url = url ? base_uri + url : base_uri

  return delay, url, link_self

Public Instance Methods

noreferrer?() click to toggle source
# File lib/mechanize/page/meta_refresh.rb, line 74
def noreferrer?