module Vlad

Vlad the Deployer - Pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy.

Please read doco/getting_started.txt or

Basic scenario:

  1. rake vlad:setup (first time only)

  2. rake vlad:update

  3. rake vlad:migrate (optional)

  4. rake vlad:start



This is the version of Vlad you are running.

Public Class Methods

load(options = {}) click to toggle source

Loads tasks file tasks_file and various recipe styles as a hash of category/style pairs. Recipes default to:

:app    => :passenger
:config => 'config/deploy.rb'
:core   => :core
:scm    => :subversion
:web    => :apache

You can override individual values and/or set to nil to deactivate. :config will get loaded last to ensure that user variables override default values.

And by all means, feel free to skip this entirely if it doesn't fit for you. All it does is a fancy-pants require. Require whatever files you need as you see fit straight from your Rakefile. YAY for simple and clean!

# File lib/vlad.rb, line 45
def self.load options = {}
  options = {:config => options} if String === options
  order = [:core, :type, :app, :config, :scm, :web]
  order += options.keys - order

  recipes = {
    :app    => :passenger,
    :type   => :rails,
    :config => 'config/deploy.rb',
    :core   => :core,
    :scm    => :subversion,
    :web    => :apache,

  order.each do |flavor|
    recipe = recipes[flavor]
    next if recipe.nil? or flavor == :config
      require "vlad/#{recipe}"
    rescue LoadError => e
      re = e.message
      re.backtrace = e.backtrace
      raise re

  set :skip_scm, false

  Kernel.load recipes[:config]
  Kernel.load "#{File.dirname(recipes[:config])}/deploy_#{ENV['to']}.rb" if ENV['to']