module ZenTestMapping

ZenTestMapping - mapping method names from impl to test.

Method names are mapped bidirectionally in the following way:

method      test_method
method?     test_method_eh          (too much exposure to Canadians :)
method!     test_method_bang
method=     test_method_equals
[]          test_index
*           test_times
==          test_equals2
===         test_equals3

Further, any of the test methods should be able to have arbitrary extensions put on the name to distinguish edge cases:

method      test_method
method      test_method_simple
method      test_method_no_network

To allow for unmapped test methods (ie, non-unit tests), name them:


Public Instance Methods

munge(name) { |name| ... } click to toggle source
# File lib/zentest_mapping.rb, line 62
def munge name
  name = name.to_s.dup

  is_cls_method = name.sub!(/^self\./, '')

  name = @@method_map[name] if @@method_map.has_key? name
  name = name.sub(/=$/, '_equals')
  name = name.sub(/\?$/, '_eh')
  name = name.sub(/\!$/, '_bang')

  name = yield name if block_given?

  name = "class_" + name if is_cls_method

normal_to_test(name) click to toggle source

Generates a test method name from a normal method, taking into account names composed of metacharacters (used for arithmetic, etc

# File lib/zentest_mapping.rb, line 82
def normal_to_test name
  "test_#{munge name}"
test_to_normal(name, klassname=nil) click to toggle source

Converts a method name beginning with test to its corresponding normal method name, taking into account symbolic names which may have been anglicised by normal_to_test().

# File lib/zentest_mapping.rb, line 106
def test_to_normal(name, klassname=nil)
  unmunge(name.to_s.sub(/^test_/, '')) do |n|
    if defined? @inherited_methods then
      known_methods = (@inherited_methods[klassname] || {}).keys.sort.reverse
      known_methods_re = {|s| Regexp.escape(s) }.join("|")
      n = n.sub(/^(#{known_methods_re})(_.*)?$/) { $1 } unless
unmunge(name) { |name| ... } click to toggle source
# File lib/zentest_mapping.rb, line 86
def unmunge name
  name = name.to_s.dup

  is_cls_method = name.sub!(/^class_/, '')

  name = name.sub(/_equals(_.*)?$/, '=') unless name =~ /index/
  name = name.sub(/_bang(_.*)?$/, '!')
  name = name.sub(/_eh(_.*)?$/, '?')
  name = name.sub(/^(#{@@mapped_re})(_.*)?$/) {$1}
  name = yield name if block_given?
  name = @@method_map[name] if @@method_map.has_key? name
  name = 'self.' + name if is_cls_method